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Dr. Janine L. Flood

Dr. Janine L. Flood

A graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry, Dr. Janine Flood is an active member of the Ohio Optometric Association, American Optometric Association and Fellow American Academy of Optometry. She has been practicing General Optometry for over 38 years. She is driven by her love for people, science and especially wants to make a difference for the better in people's lives. She has a passion for helping others Dr. Flood grew up on a farm in rural Amish Country and is originally from Dundee, Ohio. She was the Valedictorian at Garaway High School and went undergrad to The Ohio State University. She teaches Externs from OSU College of Optometry and is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice for OSU. While at OSU, Dr. Flood participated in research about developing methods for testing infant vision.

And nothing is as satisfying this special story:

My favorite patient story was when I saw the wife of a young man that I took care of since he was a little boy. This was her first visit with me. She had noticed a decrease in her vision and thought that she just needed a new eyeglass prescription. She attributed her headaches and vomiting to her pregnancy. But after examining her, I found that she had pseudo tumor cerebri, a condition where the pressure was increasing around her brain. The condition can be associated with pregnancy.  I made arrangements for her to go immediately to the ER at OSU, and was able to get a neuro-ophthalmologist  to handle her case.  She was able to have a shunt placed in her brain to relieve the pressure that was going to blind her, and at the same time this procedure did not harm her baby. A year later, she brought in her beautiful little girl to visit me and said  "Thank you so much !"

Dr. Flood is very involved in the community and enjoys helping others. She was extremely involved with Healing Art Missions, " I started an eye clinic in Haiti that gives ongoing eye care to a rural community of 10,000 people, for the past 18 years. They recently added an annual visit from a classmate of mine who went on to become an ophthalmologist who does cataract surgery. " Dr. Flood also does all the eye exams/glasses for a free clinic in Licking County called Community Health Clinic. Dr. Flood lives with her husband of 40 years, Mike. He owns a landscaping company, Albyn's Nursery. She has a daughter Stephy, who is getting her PhD in counseling at Ohio State University. Stephy is married to Zach, a physics teacher. Dr. Flood's son Jason is a standup comedian in L.A.